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Have you got what is takes to write for us? Thanks for your interest in writing for our news and current affairs website.

Here at SMYE-Holland, we are always on the look-out for experts to contribute to our site and allow our readers to learn more about the topics that we cover.

Just a handful of accepted topics for guest posts include:

  • Business
  • World news
  • Property
  • Culture
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports

Write for us guidelines:

We welcome guest posts from bloggers, authors and brands who are looking to reach our audience and provide them with relevant advice. Are you an expert? have you got in interesting point of view or an opinion that might be controversial? Why not get in out there in print? Write for us and let everyone know your view point and just how much you know about your subject matter.

We do ask you to stick to a few guidelines when you write for us. There are not too many, but you have a better chance of your guest post being published if you follow these quite closely, and of course if you are not sure about anything then please just send us an email: editor@smye-holland.com

Article word count:

Please make all submissions at least 600 words in length. Whilst we agree on quality over quantity, we want to make sure that our site offers actionable, in-depth property, business, and lifestyle advice. We are a Google News accredited site, so we take the quality of our content seriously.

write for us

Unique content:

Whilst we recognise that there may be some awesome articles hosted on your own blog, we do ask that all guest post submissions are completely unique! This helps to make sure our readers cannot find the content elsewhere. Have a check on Copyscape and make sure your guest post is not the same as someone else’s.

Write for us – additional artwork:

We’d love to share your data and infographics, if you have them and they’re along the property or home development theme! Please include these in your email when submitting your article, but make sure you have the correct permissions to use the images that you send. We do not accept responsibility for images that you send with the correct permissions.

Commercial Content

We do not freely publish commercial content, for any content considered commercial there will be a posting fee.Commercial content is considered to be; PR content, content marketing, syndicated content, and do-follow links.If you are interested in posting commercial content on SYME-Holland then please contact the editor to discuss pricing: editor@smye-holland.com

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If you’d like to share your experience, views, knowledge and reviews in the form of a guest post, let’s get the ball rolling by contacting our editorial team via the form below.

We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can and look forward to receiving your submission!