Patio Director Renowned Curator Art Critic in 2019


Beyond the context in which the samples or the chosen artist are made the sectors concern lies in the fact that in its opinion what happened in Valladolid undermines the independence of the Patio Herreriano which opened a public competition endorsed by a jury professional from which its current director renowned curator and art critic was elected in 2019

Why do you want to do these exhibitions What does Valladolid gain Asks Gloria Reguero who is part of the Board of Directors of Associated Visual Artists of Castilla
Integrated in Unión AC It is as if the President of the Government or the King told the director of the Reina Sofía Museum what to exhibit illustrates Juan Antonio Álvarez from Adace We are very concerned because we see that it is a tremendous political interference Its something very serious

Resident for decades in New York where the headquarters of his foundation which was created in 1992 in Valladolid has been located since 2012

Cristóbal Gabarrón moved to the CastilianLeon city when he was 6 years old As El Norte de Castilla collects only in that province where its foundation was open until 2015 it also has a museumfoundation in Mulahis

Hometown there is a visible trace of commissions to the artist paid for with public money from the design of a park in Medina del Campo which ended up in his hands after a change of government from the

PSOE to the PP after having been The project was delivered in competition to an architecture studio for a 41 lower budget it ended up costing 3 million euros to the socalled Talleres del Pinar in the capital a proposal for a cultural and leisure foundation for which they paid 18 million euros and of which only one adventure park was made

This newspaper has tried unsuccessfully to contact Gabarrón who in recent statements to the Diario de Castilla y León settled that the controversy surrounding his exhibition in the Patio Herreriano seems to him a false controversy a minor thing Among the few renowned institutions that have exhibited her work is Consuelo Ciscars IVAM a former director charged in 2016 with an alleged crime of prevarication embezzlement and document falsification

For his new exhibition in Valladolid the artist will recover a huge halfton piece that he already exhibited on the UNs 70th anniversary Illuminated Universe a sphere originally surrounded by 70 figures to which five have now been added which has been placed in New York Amsterdam Brussels or Geneva In addition to the sculptures thematically related to the objectives of the UN in the Patio Herreriano a selection of his works of a more personal nature will be displayed in an attached room all under the title of Gabarrón

For the curator of the exhibition Miguel Ángel Zalama professor of Art History at the University of Valladolid who explains that he was contacted to start working on this project about two years ago although in Patio Herreriano they only found out about the existence of the show a few months ago it is about the exhibition of a living and important artist with a great relationship with the UN

Internationally recognized even though there are those who do not like it as is normal Despite the protests from the sector Zalama rules out a possible cancellation and assures that the assembly is already scheduled and has to start in the next few days Regarding possible political interference he points out that such possibility transcends what concerns his work If there has been interference or not I dont know that The City Council will have to put forward its reasons.

In 2006 the Patio Herreriano Museum was the protagonist of another episode of interference At the request of the then mayor of the capital Javier León de la Riva PP an exhibition related to the fifth centenary of Christopher Columbus a figure little or nothing related to creation was organized in the center which is the custodian of the Contemporary Art Collection

Current The then director Teresa Velázquez now head of exhibitions at the Reina Sofía denounced the threat to the autonomy of her administration and warned as the contemporary art associations and the current director do today of the damage that could be caused to the museum image His call fell on deaf ears and finally he ended up resigning along with the three members of the Advisory Committee to the Directorate

These are not the only examples of bad practices that can be found in recent museum memory in 2015 the director of MACBA Bartomeu Marí censored the exhibition The Beast and the Sovereignfor including a work of King Juan Carlos sodomized in 2013 the workers of the MUSAC of León denounced interference by the Junta de Castilla y León

The Fundación Siglo In 2010 the PP censored the summary that local photojournalists had prepared for an exhibition at the MUVIM the Museum of Illustration and Modernity in Valencia In all cases the directors of the centers ended up resigning as was the case in 1998 at the CGAC in Santiago de Compostela Then an offensive by the Popular Party against the programming open to current art in the center culminated in the dismissal of its director Gloria Moure

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