Valencian Antonio To Submit Painting Sculpture Of 1912



Domestic spaces thus become golden prisons and that must be covered with candy for society to accept and normalize it In this sense works of art fulfill a very important doctrinal function

One of the few painters who did not abide by the patriarchal narrative imposed by the State was the Valencian Antonio Fillol of whom three impressive large paintings are shown which denounce in a bold way with the themes they represent but also with a use eloquent.

Risky of the perspectives and colors the abuse of girls the obligation to submit to prostitution and the ostracism to which women who did not abide by the norm were condemned He had to assume the consequences of this rejection of the State says Navarro which paid him nothing or almost for most of the works that are preserved in the Prado

The Guest the curator emphasizes it does not correspond to the opinion of the museum but rather seeks to reveal the suffocating role to which women were relegated in the Spanish art system of the 19th and early 20th centuries

Many of those who wanted to dedicate themselves to painting sculpture or photography had to settle for the role of assistants or in better cases that of copyists

Even Queen Elizabeth II devoted herself above all to reproducing painters like Murillo The flow of the exhibition is transporting these concepts which also include large still lifes and paintings of flowers signed by women of which this type of friendlier theme was tolerated

Only at the end of the journey do cases of greater stylistic liberation appear some of which came to be expensive It happened to the painter Aurelia Navarro

The work that closes the exhibition the Full Length Self Portrait of Maria from 1912 leaves a gap so that the door of the evolution of the times as Navarro says although it did not open at least it could push towards a more promising future.

A widow at 27 immediately went on to train as a painter Although she died soon her vocation and fertility fostered a hotbed of female artists All her greatnieces become a saga of painters sculptors engravers musicians poets relates Navarro Inspired by her all were women of a vital intensity and an independence that completely tore the molds.

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